21.10.2021Sustained Light Chain organised by Paradise Art Space and Elektra, Incheon South Korea
09.2021Square One with Alexis Langevin Tétrault, Ars Electronica, a new digital deal, Online
09.2021Square One with Alexis Langevin Tétrault, Virtual Mutek Replay, Online Stream
25.08.2021Square One with Alexis Langevin Tétrault, Mutek MTL, Montreal QC-CA
11-15.03.2021Light Center Folds at HYBRID – Cutting Edge Canada, Mutek and Hellerau, Dresden DE
28.03.2020Emotional Synthesis at HYBRID – Cutting Edge Canada, Dresden DE
24.10.2019Emotional Synthesis at LAB30, Augsburg DE
24-27.10.2019Comprsd-ads installation at LAB30, Augsburg DE
12.10.2019Emotional Synthesis at Bienale Nemo, Paris FR
04.10.2019AntiVolume IN/EXT (quad) at inauguration Maintenant Festival, Rennes FR
14.09.2019Emotional Synthesis at Transart, Bolzano IT
21.08.2019Emotional Synthesis world premiere at MUTEK, Montreal CA
08.03.2019AntiVolume IN/EXT (quad) at LEV festival, Gijon ES
03.2019Residency at LEV Festival, Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon ES
09.03.2019Supercollider workshop at gnration, Braga Portugal
08.03.2019AntiVolume IN/EXT (quad) at gnration, Braga PT
29.01.2019AntiVolume IN/EXT at Rijeka, Museum of modern and contemporary art, Croatia
26.01.2019AntiVolume IN/EXT at Zagreb Museum of contemporary art, Croatia
27.11.2018Specular Series by Cinzia C at Stereolux, Nantes FR
10.11.2018AntiVolume IN/EXT at Digital Weekender, Watermans museum, London GB
21-09.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at B39 space, Seoul ROK
19/20-09.2018 Workshop at B39 space, Seoul ROK
08-09.2018 Emotional Synthesis residency at RectoVerso, Quebec QC
18.08.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at Perceides, Percé CA
11.05.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at Mapping Festival, Geneva CH
07.04.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at Chabada, Angers FR
05.04.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at Mirage Festival, Lyon FR
09.03.2018 AntiVolume IN/EXT at Mutek Barcelona, ES
01-03.2018 VYV artist residency at VYV corporation, Montreal CA
16.12.2017 untitled AV performance 0.4 at Glam & Glitch - 20e édition, Perte de Signal, Montreal CA
15.12.2017 untitled AV performance 0.3 at Tombola Party, Eastern Bloc, Montreal CA
13.12.2017 QUADr at Le Gesu, Montreal CA
09.12.2017 untitled AV performance 0.2 Inductive Prism at la Vitrola, Montreal CA
08.12.2017untitled AV performance 0.1 at Espace Cercle Carree, Montreal CA
30.11.2017QUADr at Theatre Outremont, Montreal CA
24.11.2017AntiVolume IN/EXT at Mutek MX, Mexico City MX
21.11.2017QUADr Visions of the Future III at Mama Theater, New York USA
11.11.2017QUADr at Digital Weekender, Watermans museum, London GB
07.11.2017Stressed Retina Scanlines at alt.Mutek Barbican, London GB
20.10.2017AntiVolume IN/EXT at Electrons libres, Stereolux Nantes FR
26.08.2017AntiVolume IN/EXT at MUTEK, Monument National Montréal CA
26.06.2017QUADr at Elektra MIAN, Cinémathèque Québécoise Montréal CA
12.06.2017QUADr at Code d’Accès, Sala Rossa Montréal CA
03.06.2017QUADr at Re:Flux, Moncton CA
21.03.2017AntiVolume at mardi culturels, Arsenal Montréal CA
19.11.2016AntiVolume at espace Cercle Carré Montréal CA
20.10.2016AntiVolume at Akousma XII, Usine-C Montréal CA
12.09.2016FLOW with Maotik at Ars Electronica, Linz AU
27.08.2016QUADr at Percéides festival, à Percé CA
20.07.2016AntiVolume at Inductive Prism, Vitrola Montréal CA
07.06.2016QUADr at Artnum, BIAN2016, Montréal CA
04.06.2016QUADr at Mutek, Montréal CA
04.05.2016Shelter with Maotik at BAM festival, Liège, BE
07.04.2016QUADr at CLORK Concordia university, Montréal CA
20.02.2016QUADr at Art-Facto, Eastern Bloc Montréal CA
03.02.2016QUADr at Mois Multi, Méduse Québec CA
01-03.2016Residency at Eastern Bloc Montréal CA
21.08.2015QUADr at Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto CA
16.08.2015BETAFEED at cabaret Mutek ISEA 2015, Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre Vancouver CA
06.06.2014BETAFEED at Artnum, BIAN2014, Montréal CA