Light Center Folds

featured on FACT mag

Light Center Folds is a digital environment of complexity fusing a range of themes and research into a real time audiovisual environment captured live for the final video work. This work stems from the efforts of imagining the rules of a virtual environment from scratch with a conscious effort to move the use of game engines beyond adversity, conflict, attack, evaluation, scoring and reward. The environment is bathed in warm light and filled with grotesque sculpts, vector art, emoji collages…

The work explores the softer side of AV performance culture, navigating in a colourful space. Its main threads are post-internet glimpses of retail spaces, cloth, intimacy, emoji constructions, forces and energy, supported by sonic particules and tightly synchronized AV synthesis elements.

The sound track is in two parts. Some elements of the game engine have their own audio synthesis algorithms, linked to their velocity and animation attributes. And secondly the composition of electronic synth sparkles, coming from Lucas Paris’s musical side project Sweetspots, paces the journey through the environment.

led screens, motors, aluminium, acrylic

comprsd-ads is a sculpture of kinetic light, a structure that opens and closes on itself. LED panels, in movement, used worldwide as a support for ads, face each other creating an absurd situation where we are no longer the main onlookers. The light reflects itself, publicity addresses publicity.

The use of LED screens as elements to modulate the architecture of the exhibition or performance space is a recurring theme of the artist’s work. These modulated spaces create an oscillation between interior and exterior, introversion and extraversion. The visual content modulating these spaces is synthesized by realtime digital modular networks. The artist sees synthesis, in it’s many forms, as his medium, and cultivates his relationship to it through design, interaction and improvisation. Here engineer of the absurd, Lucas Paris looks to express a perceptual suffocation in a saturation of air, volume and minds by advertising and marketing while aesthetics of industrial design in the installation’s detailed sculptural elements echo a certain fetishization of machinerie, engineering and technology.

Produced by Perte de Signal, as part of the Transposition exhibition with Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne and Roby Provost-Blanchard. Shown at Perte de Signal (CA) and LAB30 2019 (GE)