Lucas Paris

Lucas Paris creates AV works and digital sound. His main focus is in synthesis, with its mathematical potential for abstract manipulation of matter and perception. His recent works have extended an earlier focus in emotion, perception and physicality into content that is critical and satirical of consumption, advertising and social media psychosis. His current explorations are edging into the vocabulary of video game mechanisms, gaming hyperaction, and a sculptural fluidity between virtual and material.

His projects have been touring internationally since 2017. He performed at several MUTEKs (Spain 2018, Montreal 2017/2016, and Mexico 2017), LEV 2019, Mapping Festival 2018, B39 (Korea), Mirage Festival 2018, Stereolux 2017, and Akousma 2016. He has been in residence at Eastern Bloc, Perte de Signal, Concordia University’s Milieux Institute, VYV corporation, Recto-Verso Québec, Gnration (PT) and Laboral Centro de Arte (ES). He studied digital music and digital instrument making at Université de Montréal.