Lucas Paris

As an emerging artist in digital arts, Lucas Paris has been working with realtime sound and has been building digital instruments for more then ten years. His research focuses on engaging the audience with content that is multi-sensory, immersive and emotional, new forms of digital performance are at the core of his artistic approach.

As a member of the projets Quadr and Betafeed, and with his personal projects Antivolume and Array, he performed at Mutek 2016, Akousma 2016, the BIAN 2014 and 2016, Mutek ISEA Vancouver 2015 and at the TIES 2015 and has been in residence at Eastern Bloc Montreal in January 2015. He studied digital music and digital instrument making at Université de Montréal, while working as a creative coder, software designer and electronics designer for artists such as Herman Kolgen, Nicolas Bernier, Adam Basanta among other Montréal creatives.