Abrasion of concrete Archeology of flesh
Textural noise techno EP

An individual in his experience of an urban setting sees his reflection in the concrete, life takes it’s toll on him through abrasion, time scrapes and uncovers stratas of his personality. As layers are scraped away, forgotten memories are rediscovered and their tint saturates your present self.

Physicality and personality reflect each other, they decay,they respond to sound, to physical forces. Sonic matter recreates extreme energies channeled and controlled precisely, it can be fast displacements of linked and layered materials, elements of opposite directions clashing

In the genre’s experimental inclination this is a techno EP, a personal interpretation and a reflection of the rave experience. The EP also takes influence from experimental forms of music, tinting techno tropes with noise, artefacts, corroded frequencies and abstract morphologies.

The projet stems from the craftsmanship and design of modular musical processes, from a year of exploration in digital synthesis networks and instrument design. Through a daily exploratory creative impulse, this content crystallizes into tracks whose personalities flourish from the moment. Raw musical expression is recorded, restructured in time, augmented, polished and evolves into the final tracks. The impulse is driven by a search for constant change and instability, avoiding routines and comfortable situations.